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Good always triumphs over evil. It is one of those unwritten laws. And with the Golden Age of Heroism at its peak, it doesn't seem likely to change. All over the World, Super-powered humans are turning their abilities to upholding justice and freedom...

But where there is good, there is evil. Wherever you get SuperHeroes, you get SuperVillians. The world is teeming with thieves, murderers, and those insidious enough to attempt to enslave all of mankind. The omnipresent threat of annihilation looms through the brightest of days, and Super-powered champions of light and darkness battle every hour to wrest the fate of the World for themselves...

It has been seven years since the defenders of Earth thwarted mankind's greatest enemy, the alien warlord Technax and his robotic Armada. Like a phoenix rising from its ashes, the World not only recovered, but ushered in a new age of prosperity built on scavenged alien technology. Quality of life improved tenfold, but so did the ambitions of the worlds greatest Villains...

The stakes have been raised - where do you stand?

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