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League of Salvation
League Emblem
Headquarters Mentor's Mansion
Additional Bases Bases in every major city in the world
Leader(s) Lionheart (Unofficial)
Objectives To rid the world of crime and protect the innocent

The League of Salvation is the world's largest SuperHero organization, comprised of SuperHeroes from around the globe (and elsewhere) dedicated to eradicating evil wherever it may be. As a worldwide organization, they cooperate with the governments of most nations, but have no official ties as a preventative measure against possible bias or corruption.

By utilizing numerous technological advancements, the League has revolutionized crimefighting. League Communicators allow members to converse and coordinate their efforts around the world, and hypersonic League Jets allow them to travel quickly and effectively.

The League maintains bases in every major city of the world, each operating as a hub of League activity in its local area. The complex beneath Mentor's mansion is treated as the League's headquarters, however.

The Hero Lionheart is considered by many to be the unofficial leader of the organization, though he, in turn, is quite comfortable taking orders from Heroes like Mentor, who founded the League. Additionally, each base has its own head of department, who oversees the management of local League Heroes and acts as representative of that department of the League.


The League of Salvation was originally founded fourteen years ago when a number of SuperHero teams began to band together to combat the growing threat of the Coalition of Corruption.

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