League of Salvation
Real Name Kengen Itsutsu
Species Human (SuperHuman)
Age 60 (TSTW)

68 (TWiYH)

Home America
Relatives Skkari, Rihatsu, Genkaku, Chisoku (siblings)
Status Unknown
Owner Kumata (formerly Kigame)

Not much is known about Kengen. Although he is a member of the League of Salvation, he seems to operate as if he were a solo hero. He refers to himself as a 'ninja' yet is loud, brazen and rarely seen without an idiotic smile. His simple, oblivious exterior masks a deeper intelligence, however.


A large man with straggly grey hair and plain clothes.  


The details of Kengen's past are sketchy. Kengen and his four siblings were born and raised in Japan. At some point he learned English and moved to America, where he founded ENIGMA Corp.. Around this time he and his siblings had formed the Itsutsu Five, but his good nature and reluctance to kill led him to leave the five and join the League of Salvation, a betrayal his siblings would never forgive. He came to know the parents of Kigame and Shayne quite well.  

To Save the World!

Kengen appeared in London just in time to save Kigame and Emily Cyro, who had fallen from a Coalition Tiltrotor. After depositing them safely on the ground, he challenged Jetscream, utilising a series of moves he dubbed the 'Kengen combo' that resulted in them both being knocked out.

After coming to, he told Kigame that from now on he would be his teacher, and revealed that he had once taught Shayne.

The World in Your Hands

This character has not yet appeared in The World in Your Hands.  


He once taught Shayne, although their current relationship is unknown.

He enjoys Kigame's company because of his youth and naivete.  

Powers, Abilities, and Equipment

Kengen possesses superhuman strength, the exact limits of which are not known. He also possesses superhuman endurance, but due to his tendency to play down his injuries, the limits of this are not known either. He can also fly. He has been trained as a ninja and thus is knowledgeable of many arts of stealth, but prefers to make his presence known when fighting evil.

He also has come to understand the strengths, weaknesses and capabilities of many superpowers, better than many of the superhumans that actually possess them, which is why he believes himself to be a perfect mentor for Kigame.