League of Salvation
Real Name Annabel Robins
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Age 19 (TSTW)

28 (TWiOH)

Home Cork, Ireland
Relatives None
Status Active
Owner Kumata

Fantasy is an imaginative and eccentric member of the League of Salvation.


Annabel's childhood was spent immersed in fantasy stories. Her power manifested when she was twelve, which she initially used for fun. However, after she stumbled upon a mugging and used a swarm of fairies to prevent it, she realised that her ability could have other uses. She became a hero at the age of sixteen, and was soon invited to join the League.

She took to patrolling Ireland and Wales, and often met with other heroes. At one point she teamed up with Photon.


Fantasy was paired with Loadstone to chase a stolen League Jet on its way to Moscow, wherupon they encountered the alien Apocalypse. After a harrowing battle they thwarted its attempt to free its kin from being trapped in the space between space.

To Save the WorldEdit

During the invasion of the Technax Armada, Fantasy worked to defend Ireland from oncoming robotic forces. At one point Photon arrived to aid her in battle. The two managed to hold the forces back until their retreat.

Relationship with Other CharactersEdit


Abilities and SkillsEdit

Annabel has the ability to transform her emitted Omega Radiation into creatures; though she has the ability to form any creature biologically possible, she is much more skilled at creating fantasy monsters due to their forms being ingrained in her mind. Although the creation of each creature costs a great deal of energy, if the creature is killed or is dismissed by her then the energy returns.

Annabel undertook basic League hand-to-hand combat training, but did not develop her skills much. She prefers to stay at the edge of a battle and direct her creations. She carries a staff but it is mostly for appearance's sake.