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Coalition of Corruption
Coalition Emblem
Headquarters Varies over time; currently a compound deep in the Arctic Circle
Additional Bases Various Safehouses, Laboratories, and Complexes throughout the world
Leader(s) Doctor Danger
Objectives To eradicate the social structure of the world, and to rebuild it with SuperHumans in their rightful place as rulers of the weak.

The Coalition of Corruption is the world's largest SuperVillain organization, and is responsible for an alarming percentage of crimes commited across the globe. Membership is strictly limited to superbeings; the highest role a powerless criminal can hope to play in the Coalition is as a lesser henchman. Over the past few years, the Coalition has come to depend less on non-powered humans, instead utilizing genetic hybrids such as Lupines and, more recently, Sharkmen, as expendable grunts.

Members of the Coalition travel the world in a number of different types of vehicles. The two most common are the Coalition Tiltrotor, for standard travel, and the Corruption Chamber, for fast raids.

For thirty-seven years, the infamous Doctor Danger led the Coalition, aided by the other three Coalition founders. In the aftermath of his apparent death during the destruction of the Coalition's Alpine Base, the psychic Midnight assumed command. Though he managed to keep a semblance of the Coalition active for several months, he eventually proved inadequate to lead the Coalition. In the wake of the Technax Armada's invasion, two of the organization's original founders, Mr. Mystery and Grand Cross, took back control of the Coalition.


The original concept of the Coalition was formulated by Doctor Danger early in the year 1970. He believed that for SuperHumans to obtain their rightful place as rulers of the powerless, they would need to band together to squash any opposition.

To Rule the World!

To that end, Doctor Danger searched the globe for fellow SuperHumans with the potential to help him create and maintain such an organization. Though there were many SuperVillains he could have approached, he finally chose Myster E, a bounty hunter working for the United States government, as his future ally. He persuaded Myster E, who later changed his alias to Mr. Mystery, to join him, and together they made off with classified government files on dangerous SuperVillains.

From those files, the two chose Renaissance, Gravedigger, and Grand Cross to join them, though Gravedigger was killed shortly after being freed from prison. After determining that the four Villains were more than capable of acting as the leaders of their new organization, they set to work recruiting lesser Villains to their cause. After several months of recruitment and planning, they set their first plan into action, sending an army of robots into New York City.

A team of SuperHeroes tracked the Villains to their volcanic lair, where the four revealed themselves to be the leaders of the newly created Coalition of Corruption. After a short battle, Doctor Danger also revealed that he had intended for the Heroes to find the lair, in order to fuel a machine he had devised with the ambient Omega Radiation given off by their powers. The device would trigger seismic activity that would activate other machines placed around the world, causing volcanoes to form over the six cities that possessed the world's greatest concentration of SuperHeroes, thus eliminating any feasible opposition to the Coalition's takeover.

The Heroes continued to battle the Coalition, however, and managed to overload the machine with excess Omega Radiation, resulting in an explosion that destroyed the base. Believed to be dead by the Heroes, the founders of the Coalition escaped the blast unscathed and vowed that the world had not seen the last of the Coalition of Corruption...


Over the course of the Coalition's thirty-seven years of operation, the organization rose to prominence as the world's largest SuperHuman crime syndicate. Countless times they came incredibly close to the domination they coveted, but their carefully calculated plans always fell through due to unpredictable and erratic variables.

After being released from Confinement, Renaissance officially retired from the Coalition, taking up painting to support himself. While he became a disgrace in the eyes of the Coalition, he became an informant for the League of Salvation and was able to earn a bit of respect from the Heroes, if only a little.

Doctor Danger was also imprisoned in Confinement, but unlike Renaissance he escaped to plot his revenge. Driven to near insanity by his plans being consistently foiled, he determined that if he couldn't rule the world, no one could.

To Save the World!

Word soon spread that Doctor Danger was marshalling the Coalition for another dastardly scheme, and the League of Salvation mobilized in an attempt to counteract them. Both organizations began to send out members in full force to recruit unaffiliated youths, and managed to clash repeatedly across several continents. Meanwhile, Doctor Danger used the distraction to allow other Coalition members to secretly bring him parts for his latest creation, a nostalgic throwback to the Coalition's first bid for power.

Once the device was complete, all he needed was a substantial amount of Omega Radiation to complete his plan. After locking some of the more prominent Coalition members in a room with robots programmed to kill them, Doctor Danger lured a group of League Heroes into the Coalition's new Alpine headquarters. He revealed to the Heroes that he had abandoned world domination in an attempt at grandiose suicide - the enormous device he had built in the heart of the base would funnel Omega Radiation into the planet's core, causing the earth to explode violently.

Naturally, a battle ensued, during which League and Coalition members alike fought against Doctor Danger and his minions in order to save the world. The interference of the extradimensional being Cavalier, however, forced the combatants to evacuate while the machine backfired, destroying the mountain that had housed it, but thankefully not the earth. In the aftermath, it seemed as if Doctor Danger had been granted his final wish, because he never emerged from the wreckage.


After the revelation of Doctor Danger's betrayal, the Coalition began to fall apart. If the leader of the Coalition believed their goals to be unobtainable, what point was there of holding the syndicate together? Former Coalition members began to band together in small splinter factions, following the lead of seasoned Coalition veterans to keep occupied.

Meanwhile, the Coalition geneticist Aquarius began to plot the return of the Coalition. During an experimental cloning procedure in which he created a duplicate of the psychic Midnight, Aquarius began to realize the power he would have if he could bring the Coalition together under a single leader. With the true Midnight safely in stasis, Aquarius began to manipulate the clone like a puppet, drawing others to his leadership while silently pulling the strings.

Believing that they were following the real Midnight, members of the Coalition began to drift back together under the psychic clone's leadership. With his guidance, they organized the construction of a new headquarters in Siberia and renewed their efforts to erradicate the League.

While members of the Coalition were sent throughout the world to create havoc, cause mass breakouts at League Penitentiaries, and other sinister missions, Midnight suffered a threat to his leadership. Renaissance, insulted that someone as amatuer as Midnight would dare to take over an organization that he had helped found and lead for years, sent an assasin known as Knucklebones to kill him. Midnight skillfully thwarted the assassination attempt and continued on with his plans. He ordered a massive army of Sharkmen to march on Rio de Janeiro, intent to crush the city and then plague every seaport along the Atlantic Ocean.

During this period, Aquarius kept a close watch on his clone puppet. To his dismay, he began to see signs that a flaw in the cloning process was slowly driving the clone Midnight insane, but was unable to keep him from arranging a meeting with world leaders in an attemtp to negotiate an unconditional surrender. He used the ongoing battle in Rio to support his case, as well as revealing his civilain identity in the process. Though he was now completely deranged, the clone Midnight was convinced that he was assured victory in his war against the world.

What he had not anticipated was that the League of Salvation had substitued the national representatives with League members, and were thus able to ambush him and take him prisoner. The Sharkman army in Rio was also defeated, proving that the Coalition Midnight had scrounged together held none of the organization's former power.

Before the League could act on information that the Coalition's headquarters were in Siberia, the Technax Armada descended on Earth like a plague, unwittingly buying the Coalition time to safely disperse once again. By sheer happenstance the invading forces stumbled across the Coalition's headquarters and, not distinguishing between the Coalition and other defensive human forces, assaulted the Coalition and destroyed their base. Leaderless once more, and without more than a handful of bases to hide in, the Coalition seemed to disappear like it had so many times in the past.

A New Age

In the wake of the alien invasion, the world was left in a weakened and ravaged state. People wokred tirelessly to rebuild fallen cities, and the League of Savlation was far too preoccupied trying to restore peace and order to worry about the Coalition. Amidst the chaos, Mr. Mystery paid a visit to his old friend Grand Cross, who had failed to rejoin Midnight's Coalition for the same reasons Renaissance had tried to usurp him earlier. Mr. Mystery proposed that the Coalition needed the leadership of the founders once again, and that with himself and Grand Cross leading the Coalition, they could restore the organization to its formerly glory. Grand Cross eagerly accepted, and the two set to work.

With the skill and influence that Midnight and Aquarius had lacked, Mr. Mystery and Grand Cross orchestrated the creation of a new base at the North Pole, brought new and old members to heel, and set agents out to hunt down those members who had abandonded the Coalition. It was not long before they had reformed a good portion of the Coalition and were strong enough to reveal themselves to the world once more.

As their first public act since under new leadership, the Coalition sent out a small team of Villains to kidnap the President of the United States' daughter, right out from under the nose of the Secret Service and the League. Her wherabouts are currently unknown, and the League is desperate to recover her...


Apart from the four founders having complete authority over all members of the Coalition, there is no official rank system within the organization. Given that the Coalition is centered around superiority and power, giving certain members rankings would lead to infighting and bitterness. Instead, a Villain gains authority within the Coalition through loyalty and a fearsome reputation. Other Coalition members aren't likely to try to backstab or disobey someone they fear or respect, and so those members gain certain power over the others.

Several broad groups are distinguishable within the Coalition, however, and for ease of understanding are named here. These terms are used as writing descriptions of the various groupings and are not used by the Coalition or anyone else in the To Save the World! universe.

The Leaders of the Coalition are those members who seldom leave their assorted bases and lairs, instead relying on other Coalition members to carry out tasks for them. They are second in command only to the founders; many of them were some of the first Villains to have been recruited to the Coalition. At the very least, few if any of them are under fifty years old.

The Coalition Elite are members who, while not having as much influence as the leaders, still possess sway over regular members of the Coalition. New Coalition leaders develop from the ranks of the elite, though many are simply more powerful than their peers and frighten them into submission.

The majority of Coalition members are merely members, with no specific standing among their fellow members. The size of the Coalition and the beliefs of its members keep this a diverse and argumentative group. Several members possess little conviction in the Coalition's cause, and some of them aren't even aware of its overarching goals.

Coalition Lackeys have little respect and are among the dregs of the Coalition. Only incompetents and unreliable members end up in this grouping; some of them are even unknown to the founders, they are so low in the organization. They still rank above henchmen, however.

Despite having little to distinguish high ranking members from the lower, several official divisions do exist within the Coalition. For example, there is an Archictural Division, comprised of Coalition members whose abilities are otherwise useless to the organization and active members who are willing to help build the Coalition's many bases. There is also a Science division, comprised of the Coalition's many genetic scientists and engineers.

Headquarters, Bases, and Safehouses

The Coalition has many bases throughout the world, ranging from specific members' lairs to Coalition hideouts and bases.


  • Volcanic Island (Formerly)
  • Alpine Base (Formerly)
  • Siberia Base (Formerly)
  • Sub-Arctic Base



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