American SuperHuman Civil Emergency National Taskforce
American Government

The American SuperHuman Civil Emergency National Taskforce (ASCENT) is an organization within the US Department of SuperHuman Affairs that hires SuperHeroes to deal with SuperHuman threats to American interests. Built upon the bones of the defunct organization ALIAS (which was disbanded after the culmination of Project: Patriotism, a debacle that itself was the culmination of Coalition, Children, and US Government scheming), ASCENT was founded in 2008, when the utter destruction caused by the Hand of God space station belied the League's ability to protect the citizens of Earth. SuperHeroes are contracted as part of a selective roster, and are called upon when the situation arises to deal with SuperHuman affairs that are a threat to the safety of the United States. ASCENT operates under strict oversight from the UN agency ANGST, also created in the wake of Project: Patriotism, and members often work in tandem with the League.

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